My pregnancy bump 12 weeks to 32 weeks. My last bump photo. June 14 Bradley and I headed to urgent care early in the morning at Kaiser in San Jose. I had an abbess cause by a chronic skin condition I have called hidradenitis suppurativa, that needed to be looked at and was extremely painful. […]

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SEO can be extremely overwhelming, and many times it’s hard to know where to start. I put together this blog to breakdown the basics of SEO for you as a photographer. Of course, there are tons of experts that can get into the nitty-gritty of SEO, but I wanted to provide simple and easy to […]

Pastel Rainbow Balloon Garland for gender reveal I also knew that they last awhile and started the day before the shoot. I think after all was said and done putting this rainbow balloon arch together took about 12 hours. My fingers were raw from tying all those balloons, and I may have cried a few times because I accidentally overfilled some […]

If you want that balloon garland look but don’t want to spend the time and effort that it takes to put it together, I’ve got a hack for you! Now balloon garlands aren’t actually that hard if you have all the right materials, but even the easiest ones can take some time if you want […]

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One of the first things I do for a newborn session is wrap the baby. If there is an older sibling it’s easier for them to handle a wrapped baby, not to mention it keep newborns calm and content, and then I go through my work-flow from there. But there are a lot of other […]

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Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large I have a small Wacom intuos pro and a small Wacom intuos. I got the pro first, but when I decided I was more productive if I edited outside of the house I got the small non-pro version and it works just as well. The only tradeoff is on the […]

How I plan a newborn session: When I first started newborn photography, I didn’t have a studio. I did posed newborn photography in my clients home for 5 years…that’s right 5 years. While my SUV was always stuffed to the brim, I always made sure everything was planned out, so I could pack as “light” […]

Let’s start off by just putting it out there. I freakin’ love this thing! I saw one like 5 years ago for the first time and then had a bit of sticker shock and then totally forgot about it. A few years ago I was looking into backlight options and how to get a pure […]

There are a lot of different lighting scenarios you can use in your newborn photography. Most of the time when you like a photographer’s “style” it has a lot to do with their lighting setup. Most of these lighting styles can also be done with natural window light. The difference is instead of moving the […]

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This workshop mentorship review  for Son Kissed Photography by Kristen Mackey is long overdue! I did my 1:1 hands on mentoring in September 2019 and now it’s March 2020. But better late than never right? At the time I’d been a full-time newborn photographer for almost 7 years. I felt very comfortable with the controls on my […]