When I started my photography business I could have never imagined how much it would affect my life in unseen ways. It’s really incredible! I’ve been blessed to meet so many incredible people that I may never have met. I’ve had clients who are cancer researchers, rocket scientist, tech engineers, nurse, but most important title […]

I loved baby Brady’s newborn session! Momma wanted whites, greys, and blue and those are some of my favorite colors. Whenever doing a newborn session I always say we are on their time. That’s even more true when there is a young sibling involved! I usually do parent and sibling photos at the beginning of […]

I always joke that it’s only nurses and newborn photographers that get pooped and peed every day at work and it’s totally normal! It doesn’t happen at every newborn session, but it definitely has happened a fair amount of times. It’s basically just playing the odds. You have a diaper off a baby for so […]

I know for some people the thought of doing a newborn session the within a week of your baby being born can be crazy overwhelming. But I take care of as much as possible. All we need is a little space, usually the living room or bedroom works just fine, and I bring and setup […]