Monterey Baby Photography Studio

Sometimes parents miss out on the newborn stage. There can be a lot of things going, sometimes there are health issues, and I really think sometimes you are just so in love with your new little baby that those first few months just merge together and you don’t even realize how much time has gone […]

I can’t help but love my baby plan babies! I mean, I honestly love all the babies, but the ones I get to se every 3 months earns special place in my heart. Clayton is such a sweet little 3 month chunk, and his old er brother is super excited to have a life long […]

I don’t think it can be said enough how much your baby will change in their first year. You all come home with the tiny little ball, and after a couple nights of no sleep you will have a chunky 3 month old and have no idea how that happened! Newborns are so sweet and […]

I know for some people the thought of doing a newborn session the within a week of your baby being born can be crazy overwhelming. But I take care of as much as possible. All we need is a little space, usually the living room or bedroom works just fine, and I bring and setup […]