bath splash, rubber ducky

I’m going to tell you a little secret…ready…sometimes babies hate cake! I know right?!?! What wrong with them? And if you’re a mom and this has happened to you, I want to just let you know, your baby isn’t broken! After 5 years of doing cake smash I’ve come to find it’s a couple things. […]

DIY balloon garland grey white blue watercolor cake

Balloon Garlands have been big hit over the last year, and I’ve always wanted to do one but I was afraid that it would either take an extremely long time, it wouldn’t work, or it would just be a giant pain in the butt! To my surprise I found a process that was fairly quick, […]

So, who would think a “little” DIY project would make me through my back out?!?! Haha, when Bradley suggested I wait for the weekend so we could do it together, I thought “no way, I don’t want to wait, and I won’t make a mess if I do it myself. I can handle it.” Oh […]

So I decided to start doing mini shoots and I really wanted each one to have a  different theme. I know a lot of photographers do a lemonade stand, but I wanted the prop to be more versatile than that. Of course, there was no way I was making this thing but lucky for me […]