Monterey Newborn Photographer- Baby Aiden

I don’t know if it’s just in my area or if people are just having babies closer together, but whenever I do a newborn session with an “older” sibling, they are usually only about 2 years old. Reasoning with a 2 year old to hold their new baby brother or sister can be a challenge, and usually involves bribes of cheerios or candy. So when this gorgeous family booked me for a newborn session and the sibling wasn’t a toddler I was so excited to do something different! Samantha loved her little brother and did so good during the session, it was so sweet. I loved how all these family photos turned out. I always thing about it in terms of the photos of you little tiny baby are for you to enjoy and remember, but the photos of you holding your new little baby are for them when they grow up and can remember and cherish you. It’s such a special gift.
Monterey Baby Photographer_0116.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0117.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0118.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0119.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0120.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0121.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0122.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0123.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0124.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0125.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0126.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0127.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0128.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0129.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0130.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0131.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0132.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0133.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0134.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0135.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0136.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0137.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0138.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0139.jpg


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