Monterey Newborn Photographer- Baby Hutson

Hutson’s session was a very special for me. It was the last in home session I did before moving to the Monterey studio. While I loved the fact that parents could be at ease at home, and it was super convenient for them-in all honesty it was really hard on me.

While I had the packing and pre for a newborn session down pretty good after doing it for 5 years; it was still a very physical and time consuming process. I’d hav e to plan and pack the session, and load everything into my car ( did I mention my lightning case alone was 50lbs). Then drive to the house unload everything, and sometimes I had to do the sessions upstairs. Then I would do the 3-4 hour session and have to pack everything up load it into the car and get home and load it all in the house again. I go to a point where I physically couldn’t d it anymore. It was either get a studio or find a new career- which breaks my heart even to say. Id been looking for a place for about a year, and I think the universe knew it was time. I saw the ad on Craigslist for a space in downtown Monterey. It didn’t even have any photos posted yet, but I had this feeling it was going to be a good one. I saw it the next day and signed the lease. It was such a blessing and I love the direction the photography business can move in now.

Monterey Newborn Photographer_0024.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0025.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0026.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0027.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0028.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0029.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0030.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0031.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0032.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0033.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0034.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0035.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0036.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0037.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0038.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0039.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0040.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0041.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0042.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0043.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0044.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0045.jpg


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