Pacific Grove Baby Photographer- Courtney 3 Month Session

I don’t think it can be said enough how much your baby will change in their first year. You all come home with the tiny little ball, and after a couple nights of no sleep you will have a chunky 3 month old and have no idea how that happened! Newborns are so sweet and small and precious, but some of those first years milestones are my favorite times to capture. 3 months is when your baby is starting to have some personality. They will start really smiling-which will melt your heart! You can definitely start deciding who baby looks like, and this is the stage where you start to see who your baby is.

Pacific Grove Baby Photographer_0023.jpg
Pacific Grove Baby Photographer_0024.jpg
Pacific Grove Baby Photographer_0025.jpg
Pacific Grove Baby Photographer_0026.jpg
Pacific Grove Baby Photographer_0027.jpg
Pacific Grove Baby Photographer_0028.jpg
Pacific Grove Baby Photographer_0029.jpg
Pacific Grove Baby Photographer_0030.jpg


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