Salinas Baby Photographer- 3 month Clayton

I can’t help but love my baby plan babies! I mean, I honestly love all the babies, but the ones I get to se every 3 months earns special place in my heart. Clayton is such a sweet little 3 month chunk, and his old er brother is super excited to have a life long buddy to play with! At the very end of the session he even fell asleep, so I tried my hand at posing him. Doesn’t get much cuter!

Salinas Baby Photographer_0018.jpg
Salinas Baby Photographer_0019.jpg
Salinas Baby Photographer_0020.jpg
Salinas Baby Photographer_0021.jpg
Salinas Baby Photographer_0022.jpg
Salinas Baby Photographer_0023.jpg
Salinas Baby Photographer_0024.jpg
Salinas Baby Photographer_0025.jpg
Salinas Baby Photographer_0026.jpg
Salinas Baby Photographer_0027.jpg
Salinas Baby Photographer_0028.jpg
Salinas Baby Photographer_0029.jpg
Salinas Baby Photographer_0030.jpg


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