Salinas Newborn Photographer- Baby Caroline

Sweet Caroline..Bah bah bah… oh I couldn’t help myself, and if you have no idea what I’m talking about it’s a Neil Diamond song 😉 I’m telling you right from the start you could not meet 2 sweeter people than Megan and Morgan. I was so honored they chose me to capture their Monterey maternity photos and their precious little girls newborn photos and now milestone photos. I look forward going to their session every couple months and seeing how much Caroline has changed!
Caroline’s newborn session was a dream. Momma wanted pinks, purples, and grey, all colors that make my heart pitter patter. And of course, Caroline looked incredible in anything. We even managed to get one with the dogs. Just so you know every time I do a newborn session that has dogs I always do it as a composite. Meaning I take a photo of the dogs and baby separately and add them together in Photoshop later. Even if you have the most well-trained dog, they may not be comfortable with their new human sibling yet. Not to mention it’s just safer and easy to manage doing it separately, especially if there are 2 dogs! And yes, there are ALWAYS treats involved! If you want to incorporate your fur babies in your newborn session just let me know ahead of time and what size the dogs are, so I can plan and bring the appropriate set-ups for them.

Salinas Newborn Photographer_0595.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0596.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0597.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0598.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0599.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0600.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0601.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0602.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0603.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0604.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0605.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0606.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0607.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0608.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0609.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0610.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0611.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0612.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0613.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0614.jpg
Salinas Newborn Photographer_0615.jpg


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