I’m going to let you in on a little secret…99% of the time if you see a dog and a baby in one of my photos I have photoshopped them together. There are a couple reasons I do this. One, trying to get a good photo and control a baby and a dog at the […]

Baby Lucas cracks me up! He absolutely loves to dance and do the arm pump, and if Baby Shark comes on well it’s game time! Mom chose a Mickey Mouse theme for the cake smash, and actually made the cake. She did an incredible job! I usually warn people about doing dark or very saturated […]

Baby Clayton was a part of my baby plan and I photographed from newborn every 3 month till his first birthday. I always love seeing my baby plan babies grow up. Their little faces change yet stay the same all at the same time. Clayton’s 1st birthday party was circus themed, so we went with […]

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Pure Baby Mini Session $250 Length: 30 minutes Includes: 5 high resolution digital images Location: So Cute Photo, 480 Calle Principal STE #3 Pure baby mini sessions are designed to capture your ever-changing baby from every new roll to their sweet little toes. These are perfect for monthly photos or to capture milestone ages. These […]

This is the main body of your blog post. If we can give you once piece of advice, keep it brief.I LOVED the color scheme for Courtney’s 1 year cake smash! The balloons in the pretty rose gold color made everything look so fun. Plus, mom did incredible with her outfit. It even has little […]

Kase is seriously the happiest baby ever…until I have a camera infant of my face. I’ve actually had this happen a few times. I’m pretty blessed that babies find all my antics and noises funny, but the second my face goes behind my big black camera they forget they like me, lol! It was literally […]

I’ve photographed Caroline form the very beginning, form mom and dad’s Monterey maternity session, to her newborn session, and six months, and new she is one!! I love the donuts and sprinkles theme we did for her cake smash. I used long balloons, like the kind you use for balloon animals, for the “sprinkles”. My […]

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Sometimes parents miss out on the newborn stage. There can be a lot of things going, sometimes there are health issues, and I really think sometimes you are just so in love with your new little baby that those first few months just merge together and you don’t even realize how much time has gone […]

I get asked all the time what my favorite age to photograph is. Most people I assume it’s newborn photography, cause that is my specialty. While I absolutely love newborn photography , it’s such an incredible time in a family’s life, my favorite age is 6-9 months. Babies have so much personality (and so many […]