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Monterey Baby Photographer- 3 Month Old Penelope

Sometimes parents miss out on the newborn stage. There can be a lot of things going, sometimes there are health issues, and I really think sometimes you are just so in love with your new little baby that those first few months just merge together and you don’t even realize how much time has gone by. But I’m a firm believer that even if you don’t do a typical newborn session ( first 2 weeks), you should still do baby photos. They will be so precious to you know and they will be priceless to you and you little one when they are older.

So you may ask what is the next best age after newborn? I’d say 3-4 months. Developmental stages to look for are smiling when prompted and being able to do tummy time and raise their head. Sometimes baby haven’t hit those stages yet and that’s ok too. They will only be this small for a little while, so you can also embrace whatever stage they are at.

Penelope was not a fan of tummy time! I think we even tried twice and she let us know that it wasn’t going to happen, lol. She did decide to take a nap during her session though. She looks like a little angel sleeping, and those eyelash just melt my heart!

Monterey Newborn Photographer_0041.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0042.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0043.jpg
Monterey Newborn Photographer_0044.jpg
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