Monterey Maternity Photographer- Baby Devon’s Maternity Session

This is one of my favorite Monterey locations for a maternity session. I love the sun drenched light and the gorgeous moss-covered trees. Funny enough this spot ended up being just down the road from their house which momma thought was really sweet cause it really documented the area they would bring their little boy home too when he arrived.

Monterey Baby Photographer_0068.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0069.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0070.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0071.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0072.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0073.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0074.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0075.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0076.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0077.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0078.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0079.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0080.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0081.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0082.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0083.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0084.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0085.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0086.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0087.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0088.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0089.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0090.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0091.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0092.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0093.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0094.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0095.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0096.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0097.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0098.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0099.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0100.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0101.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0102.jpg
Monterey Baby Photographer_0103.jpg

  1. Ashley

    June 6th, 2018 at 12:29 am

    Love love love the light for this session, ahhhh! This mom to be certainly lives in a beautiful area and someone looks very excited to be a big sister soon. The blue dress was an excellent choice to really pop with the rich sunlight. Beautiful maternity portraits!

  2. Corey

    June 11th, 2018 at 12:44 am

    Such a beautiful family! Love all the fun and sweet moments you captured of them! The location is amazing and I love that it will be sentimental for them!

  3. Allison Anderson

    June 11th, 2018 at 3:14 am

    Wow the light at your favorite Monterey location is amazing! Mom is already glowing with her pregnancy, but with the sunset she is literally glowing! Beautiful maternity photos.


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