San Jose Newborn Photographer- Baby Brady

I loved baby Brady’s newborn session! Momma wanted whites, greys, and blue and those are some of my favorite colors. Whenever doing a newborn session I always say we are on their time. That’s even more true when there is a young sibling involved! I usually do parent and sibling photos at the beginning of the session. That has a couple benefits. One, newborn sessions are hot! And by the end of a couple hours in that heat mom and dad are melted, so I try to get them as fresh as possible. Secondly, the sooner sibling is done the sooner they can go chill out and do their own thing. Plus, they usually hold better attention at the beginning of the session. Once in a while if the sibling isn’t having any of it, I’ll add them at the end of the session when they’ve had some time to settle down and get used to what’s going one. It really depends on what kind of day they are having, and I’m happy to go with the flow! Brady’s big sister was a love! And she was so sweet holding him and giving him kisses (made my job look easy, haha).

Mom had some really sweet items she wanted incorporated into the session. I love using special its it always makes the photo that much better. All I need to do is know ahead of time what those items are so I can make sure I bring a setup to go with them. Brady’s mom had a necklace her husband had given to her, and a sweet stuffed bear.

Morgan Hill Newborn Photographer_0574.jpg
Morgan Hill Newborn Photographer_0575.jpg
Morgan Hill Newborn Photographer_0576.jpg
Morgan Hill Newborn Photographer_0577.jpg
Morgan Hill Newborn Photographer_0578.jpg
Morgan Hill Newborn Photographer_0579.jpg
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Morgan Hill Newborn Photographer_0586.jpg
Morgan Hill Newborn Photographer_0587.jpg
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Morgan Hill Newborn Photographer_0591.jpg
Morgan Hill Newborn Photographer_0592.jpg
Morgan Hill Newborn Photographer_0593.jpg
Morgan Hill Newborn Photographer_0594.jpg


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