How to prep your maternity clients… for a cold beach session

If you’ve never been to a Northern California beach, I’ll let you in on a little secret…they are almost always cold! I think there may be about 2 magical days all year when it might be 80, but for the most part expect it to be in the 50’s and so so windy. It’s the wind that really gets you. Don’t get me wrong I love Monterey beaches. Those beautiful rocky landscapes are just so beautiful. You just have to make sure you are prepared for them. So here are some tips for you and your maternity clients to make everything go as easy as possible.

What to wear:

Maternity trend right now are usually beautiful flowy dresses. Not exactly something that going to keep you warm. I recommend getting nude color maternity tights for under your dresses. You’d be surprised how much this layer can keep you warmer. Also, you can get maternity spanx. Even if you don’t want them to shape you, they will give you an extra layer.

Have a big jacket or blanket that you can throw on and off. You can wear the jacket between locations to warm up, or even between shots. You can also get hand warmers on amazon to stick in the pockets.

Where to shoot:

One of the best ways to cut down on the cold is location. I like to find a rock cubby that will cut down on the wind. It’ll help a lot, plus clients usually feel more comfortable in a less populated spot…can you say bonus!

Embrace the wind:

uiSometimes you just can’t avoid the cold or the wind. In my prep guide I remind moms that windy beaches can wreak havoc on any hairstyle. I always recommend at least pinning the upper part of their hair back or bringing extra bobby pins with you to minimize hair in the face. Another trick it to have your mom face the wind so it’s blowing her hair back. It’ll give her flowy dress some beautiful movement and also keep the hair out of her face. I usually joke that this is Beyoncé wind! And if the wind is swirling like crazy you can always have mom hold her hair back with one hand, or dad gently hold her hair back. And lastly over shoot like crazy. I promise you there will be a frame in there somewhere that has magic!

About this session…

this gorgeous momma-to-be is actually an incredibly talented calligrapher and owner of Brave and True Designs, you can check out her beautiful work here on etsy.

These gorgeous dresses were provided by Mama Bump Rentals 

White Gowns:

Pink Lace Dress:





  1. Rori Jensen says:

    These are gorgeous photos and you did an amazing job! Yes, Jenn was freezing, but is was so worth it! How can your photos be purchased?

  2. Corey says:

    This maternity session is absolutely stunning! I would have never guessed that it was cold. Beautiful work – and great tips!


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