Monterey Sister Maternity Session

A sister bond is something incredibly special! And when 2 sisters are pregnant at the same time, well, it’s more than special…its a little bit magical. You can read Kate’s blog here about how sweet is is to be expecting with her sister. 

Both the girl were so excited for their maternity session. They wanted a bit of a boho look and really wanted a beautiful field. With the Soberness Fire in Big Sur, we had to push back the date and find a new location far enough away so there wouldn’t be too much smoke. We all were so sad about such beautiful country burning, and so grateful for all the men and woman helping to fight the fire. 

Other than that everything went super smoothly. The girls had gorgeous blue dresses from Sew Trendy Accessories, who make amazing maternity gowns, plus beautiful rose floral crowns. Corey and Kate are just two of the sweetest people and you can tell right away that they have this amazing sister-bestfriend-bond. It was so beautiful to see and capture. Did I mention they are both having girls?!?! I’m pretty sure these little cousins are going to be incredibly close too. 

  1. Corey says:

    These sisters are beautiful! I love that they chose to do a maternity session together. What a cool experience to be so close and have babies at the same time!

  2. Christine Thornton says:

    Beautiful captures! These two are so beautiful and how wonderful that they are pregnant at the same time.

  3. Casey says:

    oh my goodness!! What an amazing monterey maternity session! What a special treat to be pregnant the same time as your sister. Beautifully captured!


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