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Long before any thought of becoming a newborn photographer I dreamed of being a pro-retoucher. Is it strange that I even remember the first photo I retouched? It was animate of this boy who had a few moles/beauty marks on his face and I used paint (yeah, thats right paint!) to get rid of them. I zoomed into the pixel level and would paint the skin in the surrounding color patterns. I was absolutely hooked. Then in high school when I found photoshop a love affair began. I took every digital manipulation class I could get my hands on in college. Its funny I actually barely passed my first photoshop class because I was so bored I never went. I couldn’t believe we spent a whole day just learning how to make a circle selection. Oh the silly things we do in college 😉 And I think of how one teacher actually taught us how to “blur” skin to retouch it. When I think of all the horrible photoshop sins we have committed it makes me cringe, lol. But, its like anything else-you learn though trial and error. 

I think it was about a year and a half to two years ago I really started applying myself to retouching. I joined all the forums. Spent hour watching tutorials. And while its not something I do professionally, it has helped me so much and really made me a better photographer.

I thought I’d give people a little sneak peak of a before and after image. The one on the RIGHT is SOOC (straight out of camera), and the one on the LEFT is after editing. 

Morgan Hill Newborn Photographer Brenden Murphy

And that’s baby Owen in the picture, and his mom Sara’s hand being my helper holding his little head up.

If you want a look at more of my retouching work here is the link to my portfolio website.

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