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What do I need to be a newborn photographer? Part 2

You’ve decided to be a newborn photographer, or at least give it a try, and you think what do I need?!?!?

Basically, there are 3 categories of things you need: photography equipmentposing equipment, and props. Each one of these things can be completely overwhelming, so I’m going to share a 3-piece blog where I go over what I use and the bare minimum you need to get started.

Part 2
Posing Equipment Ect

I’m going to be honest with you, this topic can be a whole jar of worms. There are so many techniques out there and posing tools you can use, and honestly some work amazing and some don’t. But most importantly you need to find what works for you.

I use both the original shape shifters from Hello Little and receiving blankets. The shape shifters are like firm foam blocks and are great because they are a constant size and shape and they don’t move around or slide. I also like using receiving blankets because they are smaller and can just lift baby a little. Also towels small and large work great to fill props. If you don’t have the money for the shape shifter or your just not sure you want to invest that much at the start firm towels and receiving blankets are the way to go!

Bucket Stuffer for Props

California Monterey Newborn Photographer
newborn wrap swaddle prop vendor

Posing Stand

Dog Bed, Table, Bean Bag

There are 3 main types of posers for blanket or “bean bag” posing. I’ve given up on bean bags they are horrible! They are too soft and big, and not consistent at all-totally not my jam.

Next is the dog bed, which has some very good qualities. It travels really well. Its light and can fold up, and is cheap to make. Negatives are it also might not be firm enough for you, and you have to sit on the floor to use it.

The table for me has been the absolute best! If you’re a travel photographer you can get a folding card table, but since I have a studio my husband actually made me a custom table.

Need: Heater, White Noise Machine, Hand Sanitizer


Baby Taco Pose


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