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What do I need to be a newborn photographer? Part 3

  1. You’ve decided to be a newborn photographer, or at least give it a try, and you think what do I need?!?!?

Basically, there are 3 categories of things you need: photography equipmentposing equipment, and props. Each one of these things can be completely overwhelming, so I’m going to share a 3-piece blog where I go over what I use and the bare minimum you need to get started.

Part 3
newborn props

I think one of the problems most new baby photographers get sucked into is buying “all the things”. And even if you buy more affordable props it still adds up! So, here are my tips to get the most variety with the least amount of investment.

  1. Get neutrals. For the more expensive things and hard props get neutrals. Neutral color examples are: white, grey, tan, cream.  I’d recommend starting out with 1 hard prop like a crate. You can usually find them at any home goods type store.

  2. Get smaller more affordable items like wraps in a small variety of colors. You can get jersey fabric at any fabric store and cute it to make wraps. And just a couple headbands or hats in 3-4 colors. This is where knowing your brand comes in handy, but if you’re not quite sure about your brand, pick colors you gravitate towards. Remember neutrals can be used on boys and girls so they are a good staple.


By combining these two things you can create a variety of setups without having to stock a lot of stuff. Not only will you save money, but you’ll save space. And if you get a parent who request a color you don’t have it’s easy to just buy a wrap or 2 in that color and use it as an accent to the neutrals.    


Newborn Bed Prop Green rozzi rayne

Here are 2 examples of what I’m talking about. I don’t carry much green in my studio. For the most part I only have it for Christmas photos. But recently I’ve gotten a few families who request green for their session. All I had were my green wraps. On the left I used them underneath the baby to add color and texture, and on the right, I clamped the wrap around the bed to make a blanket, and used the maternity dress mom wore at her maternity session as a layer. 

Newborn girl blush pink white rozzi rayne
newborn wrap swaddle prop vendor


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